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My name is Bailey McGalliard. I am a goal-oriented consultant and analyst. As a wife and mommy, this project is my hobby and provides me with the opportunity to do more of what I love in industries that I would not otherwise get to explore.

I am a problem solver by nature; have been as long as I can remember. When presented with a challenge as a child, my parents were never quick to provide a solution. Instead they encouraged me to figure it out. I now thrive off of making sense out of chaos and the cultivation of this perspective led to my career... and ultimately this project. 

My specialties are in data management and analysis, website design, business process support, and change management but will gladly review any potential project with you to see whether we are a good match. I have a brief visual portfolio available here.

For those that place value on credentials - I have served in a variety of analyst roles in my career and currently continue to do so for a Fortune 500 company. I have earned a Bachelor's of Science from UNC Charlotte and a Master of Business Administration (focus on Business Analytics) from USC Columbia. I am constantly pursuing new information and am an advocate for staying current with both formal and self-guided education.

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